A new AI interpolates stop frame footage to drastically improve smoothness.

You can achieve 60 frame-per-second footage with just 15 f.p.s. shots

YouTuber LegoEddy, who creates stop-motion animation shorts with LEGOs, typically shoots at 15 frames per second. That’s fifteen set-ups for each second of footage. More fanatical stop-motion animators will go for 60 f.p.s., which is why it can take them years to complete a short that runs for mere minutes.
After learning about video frame interpolation, an AI-based technology that renders and fills in the differences between two shots, LegoEddy wondered if it could be applied to stop-motion animation. In other words, could he shoot 15 f.p.s. and have the AI fill in the other 45 frames, to achieve a 60 f.p.s. look with just 25% of the labor?
The answer, stunningly, is yes:

By Rain Noe

From cor77

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