Leatt launches the innovative, multipurpose Enduro 4 helmet.

As part of their 2021 range, Leatt has launched an all-new 4.0 MTB Enduro helmet, designed by their Cap Town office.

Tipping the scales at just 810g means the Enduro 4.0 can be worn all day long with ease. The advanced airflow system features 18 vents, ensuring maximum airflow when riding at low and high speeds on hot summer day, whilst the mouthpiece is removable for added ventilation or to route hydration pack nozzle. 

What makes this locally designed helmet interesting?

The chin bar be easily removed and reattached via a solid stainless steel latch. That makes the 4.0 Enduro into a comfortable half shell helmet, when you are merely riding along.

Why would you want to remove the chinbar? For maximum ventilation when climbing. As any South African mountain biker who has attempted a long climb in a full face helmet will attest, it can be brutally hot and uncomfortable. 

With this Leat 4.0 Enduro you get the comfort of half shell helmet on the way up, and all the protection of a proper downhill specification full face helmet, when descending.

A magnetic closure system allows for a secure and easy fit, working intuitively even if you are wearing gloves. The inner liner is breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-odour and easily washable, which is vitally important for local riders, who frequently ride in extreme heat.

Leatt’s 360 degree Turbine Technology features disc shaped turbines made of Armourgel that are strategically placed inside the helmet’s EPS liner, directly against the riders skull. In a crash these turbines deform and bend, reducing rotational impact forces and absorbing energy from the impact.

This technology can help reduce brain injury by up to 30% at impact speeds associated with concussion and reduces peak brain rotational acceleration risk up to 40%. Naturally, the 4.0 Enduro offers compatibility for the product that put Leatt on the map, their revolutionary neck brace.

The adjustable visor is designed to shear in a collision, further helping to reduce impact forces to the head and brain if you have a bad crash.


Plays nice with eyewear

Leatt is clearly marketing this new helmet to more daring mountain bikers. The kind of riders who need a full-face helmet for those steep and technical descents, but want to breathe more comfortably when climbing or just riding along to the trails.

Switching between sunglasses and goggles can be an issue, especially when you want to store them. The 4.0 Enduro has a clever docking station under the visor, to accommodate eyewear when it is not needed.

The 4.0 Enduro is available in sizes small, medium and large. It also comes in four different colourways.

By Reuben van Niekerk

From Ride24

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