Meet Dancer, Lithuania’s new electric bus concept.

‘Dancer’ is an ultralight electric city bus with a body made from recycled PET bottles

Since they first unveiled a prototype back in 2016, the design team at dancer are back with a fully operative and ultralight electric city bus. the project by JSC ‘vejo projektai’ takes typical bus construction and re-engineers it from scratch to make public transport both attractive for passengers and friendly for the environment.

the dancer fleet ready for operation images by domas rimeika, saulius pikšrys, marius ščerbinskas, © JSC ‘vejo projektai’

Dancer is a city transport solution that includes electric buses, full maintenance, and its own green energy supply. It is engineered in-house by  JSC ‘vejo projektai’, making it the lightest full-size bus in the world with a super-fast charging time of just 6 minutes. Drawing on yacht design, the curved sidewalls give extra strength and are made using recycled PET bottles while the rounded exterior gives extra maneuverability. The design also features rear screens to enhance traffic visibility for fellow drivers or provide space for advertising purposes.

on the streets of klaipėda in lithuania

The bus is equipped with rearview cameras, 360-degree infrared night vision, an automatic ramp for disabled users, and a fully automated connection to the charging station. The driver’s cockpit has a customizable infotainment system while the passenger space has extra-large windows, a skylight, and a minimalist and spacious interior. In addition, dancer features connectivity for passengers via Wi-Fi or USB.

dancer uses only wind power to charge

Made of five large modules that resemble wind power turbines or sports yachts, the new bus body construction technology was invented in-house in cooperation with klaipeda university. As a result of various scientific projects, a new modular structure and composite material were developed made of glass fiber, vinyl ester resin and recycled PET foam. The modular structure concept simplifies assembly while the newly developed composite material ensures the body of dancer is ultralight, strong and ready for re-recycling. In 2020 dancer received a gold award in A’design award & competition.

By Lynne Myers 

From designboom

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