Information Design/Packaging Design

Retail Packaging

for Reel Gardening,
South Africa

Making urban food gardening easy

Claire Reed is remarkable. She created her seed planting strips for vegetables at age 16, started a business, met Richard Branson and ended up on the cover of Forbes.

Solving the retail dilemma


Reel Gardening’s seed strips are a revelation for urban gardeners. They are easy to use but they need a bit of explanation. To get this information to jump off the shelf, we organized the main points right under the product description: 5 minutes to plant, harvest in 40 days, makes 20 salads. This helped to convey the concept at a glance and to drive retail sales. They also helped to organize the complex concept of a “garden in a box” in a practical way.

SuperUltra in Collaboration with Crinkle Design