Unu’s second generation electric scooter can do up to 100km on a single charge.

unu, the berlin-based mobility company launches the second generation of the unu electric scooter. the scooter was designed by unu’s design team in berlin and the munich based industrial designer christian zanzotti. the new product generation is equipped with a sleek, bold-hued body and several smart features such as key sharing, navigation and anti theft protection. the pre-order phase of the new electric scooter will start on tuesday, may 21st.

The three founders of unu, elias atahi, pascal blum and mathieu caudal, have been working on solutions for urban mobility for more than six years, placing the company as the market leader in electrically powered scooters sold in germany. the company, founded in 2013, is looking to change the urban mobility landscape after drawing from their own experiences studying in beijing and observing the transportation issues faced by people in metropolises. unu worked together with recognized italian product designer christian zanzotti in the development of the vehicle, resulting in a product equally as functional as aesthetic.

The scooter was designed in-house at unu and developed in cooperation with partners such as BOSCH and LG in germany. the scooter is powered by a silent, no emissions BOSCH electric motor that goes up to 45km/h (28mph) at top speed and can be driven with a regular driver’s license. its portable batteries can be charged at regular power outlets giving the scooter a range up to 100km (62mi), while restoring battery every time the user brakes. additionally, unu aimed to give the scooter one of the fastest acceleration values in the electric scooter segment.

The new scooter holds two people for a comfortable ride. integrating the motor into the scooter’s rear wheel resulted in the ample storage space underneath the seat, enabling it to hold two helmets and two storage boxes. there is space for the vehicle documents and phone, wallet or keys at rear side of the seat and it even includes a bag hook in front of the knees.

Achieving a balance between an attractive hardware and an innovative software, the new unu scooter offers its users a number of smart features. the scooter includes its own app and an integrated display that provides the users smart features such as navigation, anti-theft protection and digital key sharing. users can locate their scooter’s location and charging status through their smartphone via the app. if the scooter appears to be stolen, the users are notified through the app and can locate their vehicle immediately. the users can also input a destination in the app and be navigated through the display, making the smartphone superfluous during the ride. the users can even start the scooter with a digital key via the app. all of these features can be activated optionally and free of charge by the customer and other features are also available when the software is updated through the cloud.

The scooter can be ordered online and comes in three models (with a 2kW motor, a 3kW motor or a 4kW motor) and seven colors. customers receive the unu scooter ready to ride including a number plate and insurance, all right in their doorstep. the pre-order phase of the new unu scooter will start on tuesday, may 21st and will be delivered to customers starting september 2019. regular sale will start in august 2019.

Mathieu caudal, co-founder and COO of unu, stated that ‘with the unu scooter classic we have successfully made electric mobility accessible to the masses. with our new e-scooter we’re launching the second generation of the networked electric vehicle on the market, which can be used for mobility services’. in the long term, the company aims to achieve an electric, networked and autonomous vehicle.

cristina gomez I may 21, 2019

From Designboom